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Where to download Clearpass firmware 6.1?

How to upgrade Clearpass version 6.0 to 6.1 in Clearpass 25000 model?

Where can I download Clearpass 6.1 iso image to upgrade the CPPM box manually?


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Re: Where to download Clearpass firmware 6.1?


Basiclly from the support site.

Dont forget to read all needed notes & to backup before.


Here is a link - from the Aruba Partner support site (u do need a user name / password in order to download it - as far as i awre)


Important Notes Before You Upgrade
Upgrades of the following products are not supported from ClearPass 5.2 to ClearPass 6.1:
Avenda GuestConnect
If you are running eTIPS 3.5.0 or earlier on an ET-5000 series hardware appliances, then you can only
upgrade to ClearPass Policy Manager 5.2.0.
Before any upgrade or update operation, it is recommended that you back up the ClearPass Policy
Manager Server Certificates along with their private key files and private key password.
Back up the configuration and log data from the ClearPass Policy Manager UI from the Server
Configuration screen of the Publisher.
Ensure that you have set aside time for downtime, as an upgrade process can take anywhere from 30-50
minutes per node based on the number of Access Tracker and Accounting records that exist on the
For Virtual Machine versions of ClearPass Policy Manager 5.2 and prior, the upgrade process involves
downloading and provisioning a new 6.1 VM.
Please note that any newly provisioned ClearPass Policy Manager VM has to be joined to the Active
Directory domain if you are authenticating users against Active Directory with EAP PEAP and EAP


I also attached for u the offline update - how to guide.


have a lovley day.




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Re: Where to download Clearpass firmware 6.1?

Thanks!. I already upgrade the box via CPPM WEBUI.

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