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Why am I getting this error message?


Just noticed that our syslog server is filling up with


Mar 2 17:19:06 2016 mdns[4445]: <137004> <WARN> <> RADIUS server clearpass3-- timeout


Error messages. Tracked down the Server group associated with this and I'm seeing an error for every radius server entry in the group. On our clearpass cluster I can see error messages indicating that there is a shared key missmatch. Thing is that if I take one of my other radius servers that is actually do authentication, so I know the ip address/key is correct and add it to this server group, I get the same error message for it. If I remove an entry for a server from the group error messages go away for that server.


Other question is why is it the mdns process? Not Airgroups is disabled on the mobility controllers.





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Re: Why am I getting this error message?

That message means that the server is not answering for some reason.  You need to track that down by doing a test authentication using the Diagnostics tab on the controller.

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Re: Why am I getting this error message?

Well, sorted it out by deleting the RADIUS serves 1 by one from the server group and then macically the errors went away. Reinstated the servers 1 by 1 checking the logs and the messages didn't come back.


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