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Why is unable to obtain the Captive Portal page ..?

In my customer wireless environment, there is a problem. Sometimes client associate a SSID(CP authentication) , then client can get an IP,

but client unable to obtain the captive portal page on the device.

      What reasons can are there to emerge this situation.  The situation is not happening each time , but sometimes. Can everyone help me..!!






Re: Why is unable to obtain the Captive Portal page ..?



I would check the DNS resolution from the wireless client on your CP enabled SSID. If the client can not resolve the address of the web page requested by their browser (ie., then it will never issue a HTTP packet. Without this initial HTTP request, the client will never be redirected to the CP page.


You can test this from a failed client but attempting to enter an IP address into the browser and this should be redirected if the problem is DNS related.


Hope this helps


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