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Will upgrading ClearPass cause users to disconnect?

Currently running ClearPass 6.5.0 and want to update to 6.5.7. During the update process I fully expect users who are not connected to be unable to do so, but will already authenticated users stay or will they be disconnected during the process? Also what is the exptected outage time for an upgrade?



As a slight additional question we are finding users who have the new Mid-2017 MacBook Pro with touchbar they are unable to connect to wireless using 802.1X authentication. Has anyone else seen this issue? We did not have the issue with the 2016 model and I have a Mid-2015 running the latest MacOS and also have experianced no issues. I will be happy to ask this in another thread if needed.

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Re: Will upgrading ClearPass cause users to disconnect?

Nothing from the ClearPass side will actively disconnect a user. However, if the user disconnects, they will not be able to reconnect until a ClearPass server is available.


Please provide more details on your authentication question. What do you mean by "unable to connect"? What happens? Anything in the logs?

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Re: Will upgrading ClearPass cause users to disconnect?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the quick reply. Nothing shows up in the logs that I have seen. Unfortunatly I have a limited report from our Help Desk. From what I have been told users who have the newest MacBook Pro try to connect to wireless and are prompted on their Mac that they are unable to connect and to run diagnostics. From what it seems it looks like the machine doesn't even attempt to connect. I wasn't notifed until the very end of our work day so unfortuntaly the information is limited at this moment. I don't know if they even get a login box.

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Re: Will upgrading ClearPass cause users to disconnect?

We have seen this issue in Windows 10 upgraded machines and it was found to be a driver issue. If the chipset manufacturer had updated windows 10 drivers everything would work fine, if not then the user would need to buy an officially supported windows 10 wireless card. As these are Mac's running MacOS the driver is built in and not easily upgradeable, unless apple puts out a driver update independent of the OS update.

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