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Windows 7 / 8 Cannot reach Captive Portal

Hi i'm having some problems with Captive Portal.  I am running v. on a 620 controller.  I was origionally running v  I created a Guest network with the Wlan wizard and enabled Captive Portal.  I did not have any errors or problems during the configuration. 


I went to test the captive portal with a Windows 7 laptop.  I associated to the correct SSID and I did get an IP address.  However i could not get to the captive portal page.  I kept getting the message Page not found.  As if Dest Nat was not routing me correctly.


However, when I tried the Captive portal with my Smart phone (Android) I had no problems reaching the captive portal page.  Also tried with an Android Tablet and successfully reached the Captive Portal page.  Android devices do not seem to have any problems.


It appears that Windows 7 and later a Windows 8 device cannot reach the captive portal page.  Is there some additional configuration i should be making to allow the Windows devices to connect?


Re: Windows 7 / 8 Cannot reach Captive Portal

You are sure that both the Windows and Android devices have the same "pre-auth" role to redirect to captive portal?    Are they on the same VLAN or do the Android devices get a different VLAN through fingerprinting?    What happens if you try to browse to on the Windows machines?



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Re: Windows 7 / 8 Cannot reach Captive Portal

Yes they are on the same Vlan.  This is a very basic setup, I have put the Guest SSID on a seperate Vlan, so all devices logging onto the Guest network will be on the same Vlan.  The "employee" SSID is the only other network and its on a Different Vlan.  I'm not doing anything Fancy just a seperate Vlan for Guest devices.  Also I am allowing the controller to issue IP Addresses to Guest clients.  While Clients on the "employee" SSID get address from the ethernet DHCP server.  I have not tried going to but I can try that this evening when i will be at the site.  Thanks for your quick Response.

Re: Windows 7 / 8 Cannot reach Captive Portal

That seems like it might be a dns issue

Thank you

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Re: Windows 7 / 8 Cannot reach Captive Portal

Have the Windows clients got a HTTP proxy configured?

Is DHCP option 252 set. The Windows clients could be picking this up whereas most mobile clients need some configuration to get this option used.


Re: Windows 7 / 8 Cannot reach Captive Portal

Just throwing a couple of ideas out here..


ipv6 - dns resolve issue

personal firewall

if possible try different browsers



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