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Windows 7 Client



Im totally new to cppm, but have a server up running now...


All my Mac's, iPad, iPhones, androids testet on 802.1x works fine, but about Windows 7 klient i got a question...


It seems like it reauth all the time in access tracker, is that normal? And if not does any know a solution?


attached a screen dump from AT.


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Re: Windows 7 Client

Is the client moving/roaming?
Do you see any disconnects in the controller?

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: Windows 7 Client



No the client is on same AP (only got one for testing)

and i cant see any sign of disconnect on Cisco wlc 5508 so far...


Funny thing is only Win 7 does this and only on WPA-enterprise... all is good on guest network, which doesnt have any encryption..



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Re: Windows 7 Client

do you have a very small reauth time setup or such?

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Re: Windows 7 Client

Are your problem clients from the same vendor, same NIC? Take the problem client see if you can upgrade the driver, if driver did not solve your problem, replace the NIC with reputation vendors such as Intel (or NICs that have approved in Aruba Interoperability List.)  We have seen this problem with a NIC vendor that my team have to go out to replace the whole batch of laptops with Intel NIC.

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