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Windows Configuration for Clearpass (Client)



We recently started using clearpass in our environment for authentication with AD.

It is using AD authentication to allow users to logon to our Wifi Network.


Most of our users are mac-users and it works perfectly fine by selecting WPA2-Enterprise and it prompts for username and password.


However, the steps to connecting a windows device is quite complicated.

- I have to turn off "Validate Server Certificate" Under the settings

- I have to specify user authentication instead of "Computer or user authentication" (there after they key in their AD credentials and save it)


With these settings, then I can connect a windows client to the network.


It seems a bit complicated for a normal windows user to connect to our clearpass device, any idea on how we can simplify it, such that we don't have to configure so many things on the windows client for it to connect to our wifi network?

Re: Windows Configuration for Clearpass (Client)

If these are domain laptops then you deployed those wireless settings through a group policy.

You can push the certificates through a group policy
If you have your own internal CA you could generate a cert for ClearPass or could purchase a third party cert

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Thank you

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