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Wired Guest Access

Hi all,


i'm looking for some general advice on providing large scale wired guest access with an Aruba Controller & Amigopod.


My client is currently using Amigopod to provide a  basic T&C acceptance and this is then allowign guest access via another vendors access controller.


I'm looking at substituting the other vendor access controller for an Aruba 6000/M3 option but need to scale to about 10k users.


The M3 states it can take 8192 users, i'm just wondering if there is any way to increase this by using some kind of master local setup such that i can provide the extra capacity as well as some redundancy.


I know this is the way to go when scaling AP's but not sure if this is practical with wired LAN users.


Can anybody offer any advice on this?




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Re: Wired Guest Access

I think you're getting that 8192 figure from the controller datasheet yes?


Wired use is pretty different, and not so much of a worry in terms of this scaling/capacity figure.


I did almost exactly what you're looking at in pretty big campus about 3 years ago. In my case, there were old Cisco autonomous APs in the wired network (so they appear as wired clients to the M3).


Anyway, I think you should consider the max throughput of the controller firewall (20Gbps) and max active firewall session counts (524,000) first. Then blend that up with any "normal" AP work the M3 will be asked to do to work out where you're at.


My first thought, is that you might need to consider 10Gbit x 2 attachement of your M3 if you haven't already done so?


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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Re: Wired Guest Access

yeah i got that figure from the maximum clients figure on the datasheet. i am a hesitant to spec up a solution based on pushing the limits so far. Luckily the 7200 just got launched and this seems to solve my problems in one neat little package!



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