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Wired MAC Auth Issue

I have a 650 seri controller and i am attempting to configure MAC Authen for wired client.



I connected my laptop to port 1/4 on VLAN 10, ip Port 1/5 connected to the router to the internet and used DHCP with ip I'm trying to deny access from port 1/4 with MAC Auth, i configured user role, MAC Auth client, AAA profile, server group. But it still not working.


Did i miss something?

Re: Wired MAC Auth Issue

Did you set the port to "untrusted"?

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Re: Wired MAC Auth Issue



Thanks for your help. I set the port and even VLAN to "untrusted" but it can't until i saw a guide on the internet and i works. And i have a big problem with the roles as in the picture. Is there any difference between "authenticated client" in "internal DB - role" and "clients who have completed MAC authentication" in "MAC Authentication Default Role" ? I use "ArubaOS 6.4.x user guide"Capture_1.PNGCapture_2.PNGCapture_3.PNGCapture_4.PNG

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