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Wired MAC Authentication

I am currently running a group of RAP2s with the ETH1 port disabled for security.  I would like to hook up a network printer to the ETH1 port on the RAP.  I want to secure it and was hoping there is a way to authenticate the printer via its MAC address.  Can this be done?


Thanks in advance for the help.


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Re: Wired MAC Authentication

Personally, I would go the route of a user-derivation rule to throw the printer into a role called "printer". Then I would lock down that role (assuming you have PEF) to only allow the ports necessary for printing (just incase someone tries to get crafty and clone the mac address).


You can find info about how to create the user rule on page 707 of the 6.1 Users Guide.


Zach Jennings
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Re: Wired MAC Authentication

Thanks for the reply!  Unfortunately I do not have PEF. 

I am not worried about someone cloning the mac as its for a 2 hour meeting.  I just need something so our clients can have email and printing access.



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Re: Wired MAC Authentication

My mistake guys.  I ended up using the user role to accomplish this and it works great! 




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