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airwave unable to display client's hostname



I want Airwave to be able to show client's hostname. As the screen capture (attached) shows, the Airwave cannot detect that. We are using WPA2-PSK authentication, without dot1x. and definitely it's not Windows.


Does the AIrwave have the ability to show the hostname of that type of client? If cannot, what should we do to be able to show it? Are there any reference to this kind of case?


Thank you.

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Re: airwave unable to display client's hostname

You should be able to create a custom view and select LAN Hostname in the selection.  To do this, select the edit button here:


Screenshot 2014-09-22 09.22.34.png


Then...add the LAN Hostname to the right column


Screenshot 2014-09-22 09.22.48.png



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