amigopod 3.7 - radius proxy priority

In AmigoPod 3.7.

When configuring 2 radius proxies  authentication servers with priorities as follows..


nps1 priority 100

nps2 priority 110


is there a fail-through active? Or is nps2 only used when nps1 is down?

Is it possible to configure a fail-through where always both nps servers are used untill a match is found? 

Koen (ACMX #351 | ACDX #547 | ACCP)

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Re: amigopod 3.7 - radius proxy priority

Amigopod 3.7 is EOL, you really should upgrade to 3.9 if you still want support on Amigopod.


Multiple RADIUS proxy servers in Amigopod is not a recommended configuration.


RADIUS proxy cannot distinguish between "access reject because password is wrong" vs. "access reject because user is not found". Both of these have the same response - Access-Reject - but in the first case, you need to fail immediately, and in the second case you would typically want to fail-through to the next server.


With 2 proxy servers configured the only mode of operation available is backup: if the first server is unavailable, the second server will be used.  There's no way to configure it differently.

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