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can AP-220-MNT-W2 work with kensington security slot

If we choose to use mounting AP-220-MNT-W2 , will it block the kensington security slot at ap 215 ?

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Re: can AP-220-MNT-W2 work with kensington security slot

The AP-220-MNT-W2 does cover the kensington lock hole (used the AP-220-MNT-W2W, white version to get a better picture):

2015-10-09 17_03_44-IMG_20151009_170209.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer.png

It is about where the red rectangle is...


However if you tilt the AP, you can see the hole: 

2015-10-09 17_04_38-IMG_20151009_170201.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer.png

So depending on your lock, it may fit, or may not...

Probably, you will need to test it if you are in doubt...This mount is closed, and can be locked with a security screw, so if mounted properly it can be made very difficult to remove the AP.


Regards, Herman

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