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captive portal with sponsors limit attemps


I use a captive portal with sponsors. Is there a way to limit the number of attempts that a guest has to register as a guest and send an e -mail to the sponsor? The goal is not to send spam to sponsor.



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Re: captive portal with sponsors limit attemps

Download the ClearPass Guest 6.5 user guide here: and search for auto_update_account.


If you add the auto_update_account field to the create_user form and give it a value of zero, it will not allow the user to create another account with the same username.  It is not perfect, but it could work.



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Re: captive portal with sponsors limit attemps



But if it the username of the guest form is random?

How the can the clearpass limit the registration to the same sponsor?



We have this issue on a client, that they need to have self-registration with sponsor, but without the Valid of sponsor, the guest have 2 hours free.

How we can limit the petitions that the sponsor gets?



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Re: captive portal with sponsors limit attemps

i don't  see a direct solution for that.


work arounds would be to demand a valid email or mobile number to prevent keep making account. or you just provide two options, one without sponsor for two hours and one with sponsor for longer.

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