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Re: clearPass beginner



Thanks for or kindly explanations.


 I have deployed already several Controllers, but not in Clearpass.


I am not also an expert. I am with you : Experience is the thing :))


I will try to explore all or info and then get back to you


Thanks so much for your help.



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Re: clearPass beginner



another simple questions.


IS it ok to have AP´s and clients on the same VLAN?

I have read on the VRD that AP`S should not have a dedicated Vlan..


I am a little confused since I will connect the 7210 to a core switch and will allow several Vlans to the internal Network .


I was assuming that I will connect the AP´s to the Client DHCP scopes and also create a large scope for the devices that are wilreless connected


Something like this :


100 Ap´s Dhcp 

Controller IP MGMT

Vlans for users ( agregated on a Vlan Pool)


Then second fase ClearPass... same vlan of  the Controller.


IS this good config startup ?



Re: clearPass beginner

Someone with a little more expertise might be able to answer you with a more definite answer.


Our subnet is rather a large one (a /20) and part a small chunk of it has a DHCP for our users. So we selected another range inside our existing subnet and statically set the IP's on the AP's. We have a very small number of AP's so it isn't to tough for us to do this.


So having said that our setup in similar to what you have going on so I don't think it will be a big deal.

The AP's will establish their GRE Tunnels with the Controller and then you can add even more VLAN's (assuming you are using GRE, I don't think you have to).


I don't think there will be any major issues. I think it will really come down to what your requirements are in terms of security. 

Maybe someone else could offer you some better advice though. Sorry I can't give you more of an definite answer.



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