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clearpass 5.2 radius dictionary invalid xml tag

I try to import RUCKUS RADIUS dictionary into ClearPass 5.2 without success. I always receive an invalid xml tag error. I validate and no syntax error. I replaced Integer type by Unsigned32. Somebody has a clue to solve this issue?

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Re: clearpass 5.2 radius dictionary invalid xml tag

Most common issue is smart quotes in the xml.
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Re: clearpass 5.2 radius dictionary invalid xml tag

See below. You'll see that the tag is good. I don't knwo why I received this error.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<TipsContents xmlns="">
<TipsHeader exportTime="Tue Jul 22 10:47:43 EDT 2014" version="5.2"/>
<Vendor vendorEnabled="true" prefix="Ruckus" name="Radius:Ruckus" id="25053">
<Attribute profile="in out" type="String" name="Ruckus-User-Groups" id="1"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="unsigned32" name="Ruckus-Sta-RSSI" id="2"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="String" name="Ruckus-SSID" id="3"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="unsigned32" name="Ruckus-WlanID" id="4"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="String" name="Ruckus-Location" id="5"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="unsigned32" name="Ruckus-Grace-Period" id="6"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="unsigned32" name="Ruckus-SCG-CBlade-IP" id="7"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="unsigned32" name="Ruckus-SCG-DBlade-IP" id="8"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="unsigned32" name="Ruckus-Session-Type" id="125"/>
<Attribute profile="in out" type="unsigned32" name="Ruckus-Acct-Status" id="126"/>

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