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clearpass kerberos authentication



I have some question.


How does the kerberos authentication work?

How it looks or What are the processes in case of admin users access to the cppm?

I think the following questions like..

Is the admin portal authentication automatically?

Or do I have to fill out for example the username and the password?


Thank you!

Re: clearpass kerberos authentication

Policy Manager can perform standard PAP/GTC or tunneled PAP/GTC (for example, EAP-PEAP[EAP-GTC]) authentication against any Kerberos 5 compliant server such as the Microsoft Active Directory server. It is mandatory to pair this Source type with an authorization source (identity store) containing user records. 


What is your use case?

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Re: clearpass kerberos authentication

We have a newly deployed cppm guest. Originally, We would like to authenticate the admin users throught radius, but it haven't possible yet because the radius authentication was removed. And now we search another solution to authenticate the admin users.

(ldap, ldaps, or kerberos) and I need some information how does the kerberos authentication look like in perspective of the admin users.


Thank you!

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