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clearpass regular expression support


I'm trying to perform some form of User-Name validation on  our wireless network  to stop invalid usernames from eduroam visitors being proxied off to our Tier-1 RADIUS servers. As these are our outward facing RADIUS servers, I've got a preproxy.conf file that has


if("%{User-Name}" =~ /^([^@]*)(@([-[:alnum:].]+))$/) {

.... stuff.....



I'd like to do something similar in clearpass using the match_regex operator when defining a service rule.

needless to say the above /^....$/ doesn't work. Are there any tools for checking reg expressions or is it a case of start simple and work up to complicated ones?






Re: clearpass regular expression support

Nothing within clearpass but there's a bunch of tools on the web.


Regexes..  fun stuff :P

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