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dynamic Framed-IP-address from a pool



We currently use role mapping to assign a framed-ip-address based on the calling-station-ID which is the phonenumber of the LTE-router. We're about to add 250 4G-routers and wish to reconfigure this so a few are given a framed-ip-address based on its calling-station-ID and most are given an IP dynamically in the same subnet. Much like a DHCP pool with reservations.


Is this feature available or is there a creative way to make this work please?

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Re: dynamic Framed-IP-address from a pool

Instead of dynamically assigning a framed-ip-address from a pool like DHCP, I now use the guest user repository which holds the IP address in a custom field. I find the guest user repository easy to manage because it allows importing from a CSV.

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Re: dynamic Framed-IP-address from a pool


Just a quick question; just tackling this myself for fun and came to the same conclusion that the Guest User Repository is easy to manage via CSV. How do you then return the custom fields? Do you add a SQL filter/select statement or do you use an existing attribute to store the Framed IP Address?

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Re: dynamic Framed-IP-address from a pool

The field will be available in the GuestUser namespace.

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Re: dynamic Framed-IP-address from a pool

Ah yes, I see it in my enforcement profile! I will do some playing around but I assume I can reference it in my enforcement profile using using something like %{GuestUser:Framed_IP_Address} or whatever my custom attribute is to return in the radius response. 

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