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essid duplicate essid



This MEguest is on a group called  "formation" but for somehow is also present on this one MEE. When i tru to delete it ,says that item not in list but essid is broadcasted on the AP´s on group MEE also.. Strange


Could you help?

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Re: essid duplicate essid

That means you are trying to add a Virtual AP to the AP-Group MEE that is already being broadcast by that AP-Group.  The Virtual AP might have a different name, but the SSID profile has an ESSID parameter that is the same as a Virtual AP that is already part of that ap-group.  


It probably looks like this:


ap-Group MEE

  Virtual AP X

      SSID-Profile Y  <-------------------------  The name of the SSID profile might not be the same, but the essid parameter might:

  Virtual AP MEGuest

      SSID-Profile X  <-------------------------  The name of the SSID profile might not be the same, but the ESSID profile is the same as the one in SSID-Profile Y so it does not allow you to add it to the ap-group MEE



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Re: essid duplicate essid

Hi cjoseph


thanks to you i found it!


I discover another VAP "SG" that as AN SSID Profile SG, but an Essid named MEguest.


Thanks to you and to CLI commands;)



A huge thank you again



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