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first hop always RTO

hi all,


i have 6 core switch hp 5130 as 1 logical switch with irf, 2 controller 7010 as HA controller, and 17 AP 215,


the topology is simple, all AP and controller directly connected to core switch.


and the problem is, when i trace route from whoever client to controller or all destination, the 1st hop always RTO,

Screenshot (111).png


and i try tracert from controller to core switch, it seems work fine,

but when i trace route from core switch to controller all hop is RTO,

Screenshot (112).png

altough i'm sure there is no blocking such as ACL in core switch.


can anybody help to solve this problem ?



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Re: first hop always RTO

To enable the response to traceroute, the following commands must be entered in system view:


ip redirects enable

ip unreachables enable

ip ttl-expires enable

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