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guest provisioning error on page

I,m trying to create a guest user, using a guest-provisioning user account. when i get into the web https://172.x.x.x  I login with the user credentials then i try to create a new user and i see in the web browser (internet explorer) a message, error on page in the down left corner of the browser. is a yellow triangle with this symbol (!) i,m not able to create the guest user.


maybe is a javascript problem


any ideas?

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Re: guest provisioning error on page

if i create a guest user with the root user, there is no problem. the problem is when i try to create a guest user in guest provisioning portal. when i push the create button in the form a javasrcipt error appears.


Message: 'this.parent.fieldsList.end_date.field' is null or not an object
Line: 302
Char: 1
Code: 0



any body knows how to fix this issue? 



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Re: guest provisioning error on page

forget it, the answer to this problem is :  i'm very stupid :smileyvery-happy:


the problem was the guest provosioning portal configuration, i had date fields marked without account category marked, so the javascript detect it like null field.


sorry if i dont explain very clear. this kind of problems is realted with guest provisioning portal configuration, if anybody have similar problems, please check the config in the controller.


thanks a lot for your help!!!

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