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how can I enable to email guest access codes in parallel to SMS

Hi folks, 

I have clearpass captive portal (version 6.5.3) running and guest management enabled. Currently we provide access codes to guests via SMS after they subscribed in self service portal.

What i am trying to get done is to send the complete SMS content in parallel to SMS via email to subscriber´s email adress. Reason behind that is unfortunately not all SMS are delivered for what ever reason to recipients (especially with non-local cell providers).

So I started up the guest management site and went into CONFIGURATION >> CONFIGURATION RECEIPTS >> configured SMS and EMAIL receipts. SMTP Server is also configurted and tested successfully.

Now I tried to configure CONFIGURATION >> PAGES >> FIELDS of my registration script (CLearpass/guest/guest_custom_form.php) and added AUTO_SEND_SMTP as HIDDEN into my script and added it at the end (so quite after SUBMIT).

When I now try to register in the guest portal I still receive an SMS with my access codes but do not receive any email with my receipt.

How do I get this done? Is there any how to available

Re: how can I enable to email guest access codes in parallel to SMS

Did you enabled this in your Guest Page?

2015-11-17 10_41_03-Microsoft Edge.png

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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