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iMAC authenticating

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So I have my aruba system setup to authenticate through a windows NPS server.  To connect to my internal network you need an active directory username/password.


I have a group of iMac's that are essentially "community" computers that my users (students) log into.  Each time a new user logs in, they then essentially have to log in again to get access to the network.  I want to try and eliminate that.


So i'm trying to figure out my options.  My initial thought is some kind of MAC address based filtering on the aruba system that gets them connected before the request is sent to NPS.  Basically those machines would stay connected all the time and you wouldn't need an AD username/password. 



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Re: iMAC authenticating

If you setup a "Logon" profile that authenticates via 802.1x, each user will login only once, authenticating to the domain, as well as your domain server.


You cannot use this method to configure this with MAC OSX Lion and Mountain Lion, however..

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