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iPad eap-tls certificates on arubacontroller

hi . can somebody please post a working config iPad with eap-tls certificate auth terminating on the arubacontroller ? already got Mac osx author working with local termination . but no luck with iPad arubaos v6 thanks

Re: iPad eap-tls certificates on arubacontroller

There should be no difference at all between different client operating systems for EAP-TLS.  Can you provide a bit more detail on what problems you are seeing?


Is the server certificate trusted by iOS?  That's normally the reason these things fail.  And in order to add a trusted CA certificate to an iPad, you need to use the iPhone Configuration Utility, or use Aruba's ClearPass OnBoard solution.  It's not as easy with iOS as with Windows, MacOS, or even Android to add new trusted certificate authorities.



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Re: iPad eap-tls certificates on arubacontroller



already done the part the iPad Configuration Utility , but no luck.


could you maybe please past a working eap-tls termination configuration with certificates ?


Would be really appriciated.



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