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importing a CSR created elsewhere?



Trying to import an SSL certificate, but I'm running into the error : 


Error Uploading Certificate: Cert missing private key and failed to find a key generated from a CSR request in the system to match it


I'm pretty sure I've got the right format (PEM), I believe that part of the problem is that the CSR was generated elsewhere, not on the controller.   I've got a ticket open w/ TAC, asking if there is anyway to import a CSR into the controller to try and resolve this error message.  Figured I'd ask the boards to see if anyone has done this before. 


I have the CSR & have verified it against the certificate, so I really think all i need to do is import the CSR? 






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Re: importing a CSR created elsewhere?

If the CSR was not done on the controller, then you need to import the
certificate with its private key in a pkcs12 formatted certificate.

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Re: importing a CSR created elsewhere?



That did the trick. 



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Re: importing a CSR created elsewhere?

Hi there.

I was facing the same issue and try the PKCS12 solution but it still failed.

Somehow I get

"Error Uploading Certificate: Cert public key did not match the private key in the CSR store"


The CSR has been generated on a Linux box as we have 15 different controllers that are supposed to use the same cert.


I am kind of confused at this point .

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Re: importing a CSR created elsewhere?

is there an old CSR which might be in the way?


recheck your pkcs12 to make sure it is correct and contains the right info.

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