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limiting the number of device s a user can have

Is there a way to limit how many devices a user  can have?  We want to allow a user either guest or an employee owned to one. Most people are coming in with a phone and sometimes a tablet. Can this be done and if so how can it be done?


Re: limiting the number of device s a user can have

Yes this can be controlled in a couple of ways.

Amigopod operator profiles allow you to control the number of 'guest accounts' a sponsor can create as of 3.5 software.  When you edit an operator profile there is a set of new filters around how many accounts can be created underneath all of the access control options. So you can set up an operator profile to let the user provision their own devices via self registration or by creating a user/mac device


The second thing that can be done is limit the number of sessions a single username/password can have concurrently.  This may not fully support your use case but is an option.  This can be set universally under Customization/Guest Manager or you can add a radius attribute (max sessions) to restrict on a per role basis


Hope this helps


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Re: limiting the number of device s a user can have



But I change the profile of a type of user.

But this only affects a user create on Clearpass.

If I need to sponsor via sponsor_lookup, i check the email via LDAP, and the user don't have a profile on to ajust the account limit via an sponsor of LDAP?


Account Limit:

Maximum number of accounts the operator can create.
Leave blank for no limit.
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