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reintroducing subscriber to a cluster


I've done thi before but can't remember the seqence of thnings to do.

I had to remove a subscriber from a cluster so went through the procedure on the master publisher to drop a subscriber. This seemed to work and the cluster no longer has the drobed device.


However, when I log onto the dropped subscriber it still things its  part of the cluster and that all the other nodes are out of sync. Can someone remind me how to reintroduce the node into the cluster.


Do I just do a cluster drop-database -f on the subscriber node to get it back to a default value and then ad it to the cluster from the master publisher ?




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Re: reintroducing subscriber to a cluster

Yes, just reset the database and rejoin. You'll also have to rejoin it to the domain(s) (if applicable) and reinstall the server certificates for that server.

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Re: reintroducing subscriber to a cluster

o.k. so the command is cluster reset-database and not drop database. However one  ( good) thing was that the system didnlt end up being completely a default set of settings


1). http/radius certs that were previously defined stil present

2). admin password hadn't changed

3). Certificate trust lists still exist


Bascially dodn;t have to do anything apart from re-adding it to the cluster as a subscriber .. and everything just worked


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