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self guest registration page fail over

We have  a self guest registration page, and in the configuration under the redirect portion you have to enter a specific ip adderess.  We have a master controller, and 2 local controllers.  One of the locals serves as a backup to the other controller.  We are trying to setup redundancy for the guest network and this is our last piece of it.  I need the self registration page to be able to redirect to either the primary local (LMS) or the backup local (LMS) in case of a failover.  Underneath the ip address is a section called dynamic address, but the description on this checkmark is not very clear.  Is this what I need to use?  Any help would be appreciated, I have attached a screen shot of the configuration page.

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Re: self guest registration page fail over

Yes, that should do it.


Also, if possible, you might want to consider using a VRRP between your locals for failover (set the VRRP as LMS), if there is L2 connectivity between the two. That will help speed up your failover.


Zach Jennings
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Re: self guest registration page fail over

Thanks, I will test this and let you know how it goes.  The controllers are in 2 different data centers and do not have layer 2 connectivity unfortunately.



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