sending error message wihtout consuming policy manager license

okay before keep reading keep in mind that in this client they cannot go further 6.4 AOS version on the controller so i cannot send custom message to the clearpass that is on 6.5 version.


Knowing this i have been sending errors to users authenticating them assigning a role which display you a message  witha captive portal that redirect to a webpage which contain the message


Works great, for almost all the error message i want to send, because for example one of the error message i need to send is that one user that is using one SSID cannot connect to the other one and it will display you a message telling you that you already got your device register on SSID A and you cannot connect to SSID B.  I have like 3 error mesage that wont consume any license because i can authenticate it becuase that device is already consuming a policy manager license so it does not matter if he authenticate.


But there is one message one, that the user is already using the max devices allowed permited in the network error.   If i want to show him the message i need to authenticate him which will use a policy manager license for a device that does not need to be in the network.

I have though in a way so that the user just go to this one time it show the message and next time he try he wont be able to even connect but he wont get any error message like authentication failed that wont tell him nothing.   This help in the way that he will consume that license for 7 days but it will still consume that license for that time.   I would like to know if there is a way of not consuming a license at all.  But i cannot think of anything... 

I really like this way of displaying error message to users authenticating with captive portal because iits a way  you can show a nice message with figutes and stuff. as i can edit that page the way i want.


Anyone got any idea?




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Re: sending error message wihtout consuming policy manager license

You're using ClearPass functionality, it will consume a base Policy Manager license.

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