some of the guests account/devices showed in active in list devices | but not - Active Sessions

Hi AirHeads,

Your asisstance needed,


Guests register & login themselves..But after a few minutes.Some of them arent in the Active Sessions 

list.And then the guest need to re-login , why is it? ( i dont want it to act like that - i want it to keep the user logged in with out the need to re enter is username / password while he is in the 30 min time limit.



The expiry time is 30min..and the users really expire after 30 min.

But - there are some guest devices that still active but there is no sesson recorded..And then the guest need to re-login,even after 1 minutes..


How can i keep users session even the client isn't around (as long he register - and created 30min user,until the 30min are over) .....


Please help


Thanks in advance.




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