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It is possible use CPPM with switches DLINK?

I have a problem. I´m not sure: Do i need a RADIUS diccionary DLINK to import in CPPM? or Can i use the IETF diccionary?


Thank you very much

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Re: switch DLINK - AAA CPPM

It depends on:


- Which model Dlink switch do you have (does it support radius?)

- What functionality do you want with CPPM.

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Re: switch DLINK - AAA CPPM

The switch models:

DGS 1210-48 y DGS 1210-2

I tried to authenticate by 802.1x on switch port. (user/pass). But the customer have a some problems. I used the IEFT diccionary.. but i want importe the diccionary Radius DLINk..


I created a xml but i can not importe


But the CPPM 

 File contains invalid XML tags. Try export to see the valid XML tags



It is good??





Re: switch DLINK - AAA CPPM

What is the problem they are having?   The switch supports RADIUS, so the standard RADIUS dictionary file should for work for access-accept and denies and other standards based features.    Are you looking to implement something more specific that is DLINK specific?

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Re: switch DLINK - AAA CPPM

We've configured to use the IETF standard but the partner said that I could not see any input or output in the tracker. But now .. a few minutes ago, told me you can already see in the tracker logs.

Bad switch configuration

Thanks for your help.

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