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the path of the traffic

hello guys!


i have a doubt, If I connect a SERVER and an AP to a switch and at the same switch I connect the mobility controller, when i login to the ssid of the AP, the traffic between me and server, goes from the mobility controller to me? Or the connection between me and the server Is direct?


the my target is that the traffic goes direct between server and me, becouse the ap and the server are connected remotely to mobility controller, and if the traffic goes first to controller the path that it follows is longer of path that i want to use.



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Re: the path of the traffic

The traffic from/to an AP always goes through the

Controller via the GRE tunnel.

See the attached image taken from the excellent "Aruba Mobility Controllers" VRD which you can find here:

Macintosh HD:Users:awl:Desktop:11n Revisions:arun_0240 AP connex.png

As you can see the wireless client's traffic will go through the mobility controller and then into the network.

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Re: the path of the traffic

thank you!!!


Re: the path of the traffic

The path of the client traffic depends on the Forward Mode of the Virtual AP.     For simplicity, on Campus APs if you have the mode set to "tunnel" then all traffic flows through the controller as Nesvik shows.  If the mode is "bridge" then the clent is placed on the local LAN and all IP traffic is routed per the local network; so direct to the server in this case.  There are other requirements for bridged networks, so please review the VRD that Nesvik has linked.


There are other forward modes as well, but for simplicity I only covered the two that are most relevant to your scenario.

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