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the '' certificate has expired


the '' certificate is my old Exchange CA. I just recenetly purchased a new wild card CA for that server. Not sure why the Exchange cert is being recognized when trying to connect to the Guest portal..???


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Re: the '' certificate has expired

What code are you on?

The certificates are updated in AOS code.

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Re: the '' certificate has expired

Hi Cappalli,

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Re: the '' certificate has expired

Please read this:
Thank you

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Re: the '' certificate has expired

The reason that you see the certificate instead of your site certificate is that in order to redirect to the captive portal, the controller or AP needs to intercept the secure traffic before it can do the redirect.


If you were to go to (without an s in http), you would probably not see the certificate warning, as intercepting unsecure HTTP traffic can be done.


If you use HTTPS secure traffic in your initial request, you will always see such a warning that indicates that you are not communicating to the webmail server (but to the captive portal redirect).


As HTTPS is designed to prevent interception, such warning cannot be prevented if people go to an HTTPS site before they have authenticated.


And, as stated earlier, that the certificate for shows expired can be solved by upgrading the Aruba firmware. What that will result in, is that you still see a certificate warning that the site does not match, however the red 'expired' message will disappear.



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Re: the '' certificate has expired

Thanks for all the replys. I removed the old certificate and rebooted the controller and all is well.

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