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upgrade CPPM 5.2 and CPG 3.9 to 6.0x

I have an existing environment that is CPPM on the CP-HW-5K and CPG 3.9 on AMG-HW-100.


Can the CP-HW-5k be upgraded to the CPPM 6.0x code with the integrated guest services? I know I would need to provision for guest licenses if I go that route. thanks


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Re: upgrade CPPM 5.2 and CPG 3.9 to 6.0x

Just curious if anyone has tried to do this.  I'm also interested in upgrade to ClearPass version 6.x from my current ClearPass appliance that is running 5.2.


Thanks in advance!

Re: upgrade CPPM 5.2 and CPG 3.9 to 6.0x

From the current release notes


Upgrading to ClearPass Policy Manager 6.2

You can upgrade to ClearPass Policy Manager 6.2 from ClearPass Policy Manager 5.2.0 (non-VM), 6.0.x, or 6.1.x.

 Upgrade images for upgrading from 6.0.x and 6.1.x are available on the Software Updates Portal at Administration > Agents and Software Updates > Software Updates.

 For appliance upgrades from 5.2.0, the upgrade image is available on the Support site.

 Direct upgrades from versions prior to CPPM 5.2.0 are not supported. Customers with earlier versions of 5.x must upgrade to either ClearPass Policy Manager 5.2.0 or 6.x first before upgrading to 6.2.


 Direct upgrades from CPPM 5.2.0 VM are not supported. Customers must install the 6.2.x VM version and then migrate their data to this new version.



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