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web-auth and dot1X over HP switching (e.g. 3500 series)

guys who tried to enable web-auth and dot1X over HP switching (e.g. 3500 series) in conjunction with CPPM and guest application, i need to know the configuration on both HP switches and CPPM and Guest app.


Re: web-auth and dot1X over HP switching (e.g. 3500 series)



Since no other has responded yet, I'll add my 2p..


I haven't done this with HP, but I'm thinking it shouldn't be very different from implementing this on Cisco Wired. For that there are several guides although somewhat lacking in all the details they should provide you with a good amount of startup info.


As long as the switch supports external radius, webauth, mac-auth and CoA (RFC3576) it's possible to get this working.


I haven't found any guides unfortunately, but there are some posts in here that highlights how to do this using Cisco Wired which involves mac-filtering. Check those out and see if you can reproduce that scenario.


Not sure how much help this is, but it's a start. Come back here if you start on this and need some start help..

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