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windbind error on ClearPass

We are a K-12.  The Active Directory department is rebooting the domain controllers once a week.  (Investigating the reason why)  After the reboot the login service for the users alert is a windbind error.  ClearPass is not able to communicate with the domain.  I have been rebooting the subscribers to fix this.  Is there a better way? Is there a service I can restart? Is there a setting that will restart the service?




Brian Warren
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Re: windbind error on ClearPass

If you have not already, please open a case with TAC in parallel.  There are a number of things, specific to your network that could be causing that issue.

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Re: windbind error on ClearPass

of course go the TAC route for a real solution.


but for now you can check if going to Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration, click on your server then the Service Control tab will show a Domain service after a little while, stopping and starting might be enough.

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Re: windbind error on ClearPass

You may also navigate to Administration --> Server Manager --> Server Configuration. Click on the server and goto Service parameters and Select Service as Radius Server. Scroll down to AD Errors and set the recovery action to Restart domain services and save. With this, server will attempt to restart domain service, if the number of errors exceed configured limit within the configured time.

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