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ArubaOS REST API /vlans-ports/{VlanPort.vlan_id}-{VlanPort.port_id}



I'm trying to add a VLAN to a port with an API call. I can retrieve and delete a VLAN from a port (GET .../vlans-ports and DELETE .../vlans-ports/{VlanPort.vlan_id}-{VlanPort.port_id}).


Accourding to the documentation a PUT .../vlans-ports/{VlanPort.vlan_id}-{VlanPort.port_id} should add the VLAN to the specified port and return VlanPort. Instead the call returns a session id:

"uri": "/rest/v1/login-sessions","cookie":


Has anyone succeeded in adding a VLAN to a 802.1q port?


Link to the documentation:


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Re: ArubaOS REST API /vlans-ports/{VlanPort.vlan_id}-{VlanPort.port_id}

Hi Frans,

This question might be better-suited to the "Campus Switching & Routing" category, since it's essentially a question about the functionality of the ArubaOS REST API on our campus switches:


I'm not sure that many experts in the ArubaOS REST API frequent this SDN forum, since it typically deals with questions about our VAN SDN controller and other software-oriented solutions which interact with (but don't run on) the ArubaOS campus switches.


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Re: ArubaOS REST API /vlans-ports/{VlanPort.vlan_id}-{VlanPort.port_id}

Hi Shaun,


Thanks for the tip, I'll change the catagory.




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