Software Defined Networking (SDN)

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Being innovative with HP SDN Network Visualizer application

HP Network Visualizer is an innovative SDN application that can be used for network monitoring and troubleshooting. It translates network administrator monitoring requests into a set of SDN rules. These rules are pushed to a switch or multiple switches where traffic is copied either locally or to a remote traffic capture destination. While details of the capture can be viewed via traditional methods, captures can also be viewed from a GUI.

Please refer to Network Visualizer white paper for additional information:



Aruba Employee

Re: Being innovative with HP SDN Network Visualizer application

With the new version of HPE Network Visualizer SDN application, you can even be more innovative with a Restful API that enables you to create TAP session based on any flow to any destination automatically

Fantastic for security analysis using big data vertical db for example !


for more details, please go to hpe. com and get the HPE Network Visualizer 1.1


documentation is posted at




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