Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Aruba Employee

HPE SDN NPI – New controller, Visualizer and Optimizer are released on



The New releases for HPE VAN SDN controller 2.7.10 , HPE Network Visualizer 1.1.18  and HPE Network Optimizer 1.4.6  are available on


The new HPE VAN SDN Controller 2.7.10 offers :

  • a simpler installation with the option to install directly an OVA
  • a new network Map that better adapt to large Openflow networks, provide more information on switches and hosts,
  • More efficient and accurate method of discovering nodes
  • Latest switches support such as the Aruba 3810


The new HPE Network Visualizer 1.1.18 offers:

  • An enhanced Policy based traffic selection including ClearPass user and usergroup
  • L3 path tracing that enable you to diagnostic a path between 2 hosts
  • And a RestFul API that enable you to create Tap sessions dynamically for troubleshooting but also security analysis on specific flows


The new HPE Network Optimizer 1.4.6  offers:

  • Add Reporting functions : Top 10 switches reporting poor QoE, MoS score for Skype Calls, Stream based  detailed call quality, Prioritized and non-prioritized calls
  • Support for Skype for Business and MS SDN API 2.2
  • Improved TCAM usage and Multi VLAN support


The new release for HPE Network Protector is postponed to April


Documentations are posted also



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