Software Defined Networking (SDN)

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New release of SDN SecureSuite

A new release of SDN SecureSuite is now available on the SDN App page.


One of the great new features of this release is the WebPortal and Self registration integration with ClearPass.


Instead of using a complex configuration with CoA and multiple services on ClearPass, it’s now just a matter of creating a single service and using a Context server. Passpartoo deals with the flow management, even when a switch is rebooted, the scheduler makes sure that the rules are pushed again when the switch becomes available.
New features in version 1.2:
- Passpartoo web portal integration with Aruba ClearPass
- Access Tracker (access user logging)
- LDAP Browser
- Simplified installation
- OVA’s included for SecureSuite, DNSMasq and embedded web portal
- Demonstration videos on how to install the application, including DNSMasq and embedded Web Portal (installation from scratch)
- REST Browser for ArubaOS Switches (29x0, 38x0, 5400)
- Completely written in PHP, so very easy to change and make enhancements

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