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SD-Branch and L2/VLAN tunneling


I'm working in a project where we are replacing an old RAP based branch connectivity solution with SD-Branch based system. We need to tunnel some VLANs to all branch offices, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do this.


Different subnets/VLANs per a branch location is not an option for some of our use cases. We will have also normal routing between locations, but it doesn't work with everything. With RAP I can just configure those VLANs which I need to have 'on the other side', but how it's done with SD-Branch?


Two node 7010 cluster as a VPNC and small amount of branch offices with 7005 devices. Connectivity between offices + datacenter is either MPLS or Internet, depending on the location.'


I've read through the SD-Branch Fundamentals guide, but no luck. I've tried to find information about GRE-tunnels and SD-Branch but haven't been able to figure out how it should be configured. The system is managed by Aruba Central, if that makes any difference.


So, any thoughts?



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