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SDN app

Hello community!

I have been doing my research on SDN services (apps) and wanted to use one of the existing SDN enabled apps like Aruba network optimizer or visualizer as a sample and modify source code (source code is not provided and you can just download an app itself..) if possible? Any ideas regarding this?  or I should develop a new service based on my needs? 

Thanks in advance!

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Re: SDN app



Since we don't publish the source code for either the VAN controller or the apps (Protector, Optimizer, Visualizer) you'd need to develop your own service. We do publish APIs that should provide some useful libraries and services on which you can build your solution. The APIs come in the form of both Java-based APIs and REST-based APIs.


Do you know if your app will be Java-based (running on the VAN controller) or REST-based (running outside the VAN controller)? I'd recommend taking a look at either the VAN REST API Reference or VAN Programming Guide, both of which are available at the following link in the HPE Information Library:



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Re: SDN app

Thanks for reply Shaun,

I have to build my experiment network using Zodiac FX switches, which I am afraid HP VAN SDN controller not compatible. 

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Re: SDN app

Zodiac FX switches are just simple and costless hardware-switches made by Northbound Networks capable of running the OpenFlow protocol. So they ARE compatible with the VAN SDN Controller, as long as both (the switches and the Controller) are OpenFlow-enabled.


Hope it helps.

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Re: SDN app

That's a good point, rojerfarre. I think there's a good chance that Zodiac switches would work with the VAN SDN controller, assuming that one of the following is true:

  • The Zodiac switches support the TABLE_FEATURES_request message, as specified in the OpenFlow specification.
  • The Zodiac switches support all match & action combinations that an Openvswitch instance would support.

The VAN SDN controller has only been tested with HP, HPE Aruba, Comware, and OVS switches so we can only guarantee that it will work with those switches (see documentation for details). However, the VAN controller has been written to comply with the OpenFlow standard, so I'd love to see if the VAN controller will inter-operate with ZodiacFX switches as well.

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Re: SDN app


Thanks for reply!

Is it possible to get source code of Partner apps or Community apps ? 

or there is no way at all to get either... I wanted to test a simple SDN app and modify it little bit with few changes to make it run in my scenario. 


Thanks for reply:)

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