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Aruba Instant Released 11/27/2015

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Is this an upgrade for the IAP 135?  I have several in place and just ordered (17) IAP 205's and the 205 won't join the 135's.  Is this the upgrade I need for both?



Hi Candace,


This code version is compatible with IAP 135's , 205's and many other IAP's.


ArubaInstant_Cassiopeia_6.4.2.6-         --->Aruba Instant code for IAP-134 and IAP-135

ArubaInstant_Taurus_6.4.2.6-                --->Aruba Instant code for IAP-204/205


If you already have a cluster of IAP 135's running, then while introducing the new 205's to the same cluster, you would have to make sure that the current code and country information on 205's are same as that of the IAP 135's, since both these IAP's run on different platforms.


These new units may come with a different code version. You would have to upgrade these 205's to, using this file "ArubaInstant_Taurus_6.4.2.6-" from the support site. 

While you upgrade these new units, make sure you connect it to a different subnet than the existing IAP 135's.

**If connected to the same subnet (as that of 135's) , it will receive the master beacon from an IAP 135     (acting as Master) , but won't get the code . In such situation you would see these 205's stuck in slave state. 


So, make sure you connect these devices to a different subnet, mention the correct country information (if its rest of the world ) and upgrade to the same version ( as running in IAP-135's.


Once 205's are up with the new code version , you can unplug it from that subnet and plug it back to the 135's subnet . IAP-135 (master) should then show all these new IAP's under the AP section.


You won't have to repeat this process for further upgrades, once the 135's and 205's are part of same cluster , you would see a colomn added under Maintenance -> Firmware, that allows to add the files for both the platforms.


Anshul Bharthan 


Hi, how can I download this firmware to upgrade my IAP-103? Is this the latest firmware available for IAP-103?




Whenever a new code is released, its uploaded for all supported platforms.

You need to login to --> Once you login --> Click Download software --> Under Navigator [+] Expand Aruba Instant --> General Availability --> Current Release --> Release (latest) .

If you are looking for Release , that should be under Archive in General Availability .

For IAP 103, you should be downloading:


That's the Instant code for RAP-108, RAP-109, IAP-114, IAP-115 and IAP-103




the Menu of Aruba is not quit well!

I can´t find the right way to my needed software download for switches. In my case it´s the sw for switch 2930F (JL256A)

If I choose service and software download, then I allways stopped at knowloge base. This is very silly.

How I can get the fitting link?

Best regards




can any one please give me link to download os for aruba 7210 mobility controller.

Or guide me how to and where to download please.


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