AirWave 8.0 - Getting Started

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Congratulations on successfully installing AirWave 8.0! So where do you go from here? This document is designed to help you with your initial setup. It also provides information on common configuration options and daily monitoring practices. Refer to the following sections:

l "Initial Setup" on page 5

 "Common Configuration Options" on page 17

l "Monitoring Practices" on page 25

Initial Setup AirWave 8.0 initial setup consists of creating folders and groups, discovering and adding devices, and defining credentials for devices that communicate with AMP. Refer to the following sections for additional information.

l "How Do I Add Devices?" on page 5

l "Discovering New Devices" on page 7

l "How are Folders and Groups Organized?" on page 12

l "How Do I Define New Users and Roles?" on page 13

l "How Do I Define Credentials for Devices that Communicate with AMP?" on page 14

l "I Have a Mismatch. What Do I Do?" on page 15

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