Airwave custom device customization

I have airwave polling my apc ups, multiple windows/linux/mac servers and even a network connected enviorment grapher from netbotz. Trouble is, airwave only pulls the nic utilization, which is great for network and uptime trending, but it could be so much more with a few tweaks. why can't i poll cpu / memory utilization etc 

The custom device in airwave doesn't have any options to customize the device. Custom should be it's own catagory with me being ableto define types of devices within the catagory. Like...

Custom Devices

  Windows Server

  Linux Server

  OSX Server


  Anything Else

And every custom device type could haeve it's own oids loaded against it. No reason i can't find the oid for windows cpu utilization, specify the graph type and have airwave log it. UPS battery runtime? Temperatures? There could be a new catagory on airheads for a repository of custom device types so we all dont have to replicaqte each others work.


Then i would love the ability to put those devices in my idf frames in visualrf and have the devices all linked up with a way to have a custom graphic loaded over say a 2u linux server.


It's so close to this already. I think a bit of flexibilty and more of a power user feel in the custom devices would go a long way to make airwave that much more of a complete network management tool.




There are two device types you can use in AirWave to monitor those devices. One is Universal Network Device and the other is Custom device. If you add it as Universal Network Device you will get up/down, interface monitoring etc, basically everything that is available in mib-2. Usually CPU/memory utilization is part of enterprise MIBs and hence it is not possible to get that if added as a Universal Network Devie. The other option is a Custom Device. The Custom device was primarily built to monitor a radius server and also make sure EAP authentication works. The script for the custom device can be changed to monitor other services/applications but will require some scripting for sure.


Currently there is no provision in AirWave to pull in MIBS from different vendors and provide the support for network devices.


Hope this helps.



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I dont really want you to support different devices, i just airwave to be able to graph the output of randomly supplied oid. like processors in windows. It'd be on the users to supply the correct oid for airwave to get a value on and run the same graphs it does for everything else. similar to making mrtg graph other things than traffic.

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Is there any plan to support enterprise MIBs in the future?

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Please use our Support Center Idea Portal for official Aruba product ideas and feature requests. Click here to learn more.