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ArubaOS interface enhancement suggestion

It would be cool if the controllers web interface would show what IP your connected from if your connected to one of the AP's. 


Doing so would allow a user with a laptop or iPad or other mobile device to easily see what access point they are connected to and all of the other stats - without having to lookup their IP, and search the clients for it.    Updating every X seconds so you can see the page update as you move throughout the building.

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Similar functionality is available for AirWave Management Client for Windows, which you can download from your AirWave server's Home > Documentation page. 


I am not sure I understand the request.  End users do not typically log into the the controller.  So  I am assuming you are asking for administrators/IT staff to be able to login to a controller and view their own IP address?  This would be in place of running ipconfig or a similar tool on their local machine?


I am curious what the higher level problem you are trying to solve is.  Are you having difficulty troubleshooting a particular AP or connection?  What data are you looking for about a user?

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