LLDP derivation rule on S3500

How about having an LLDP derivation rule on the S3500. That way if the port sees LLDP coming across it (from a VoIP phone), the port will get the VoIP port config. This would prevent some places from having to dedicate specific ports to voice only.

Aruba Employee

Zach, that's an interesting idea - we are looking into other types of derivation rules with more "wired" specific use cases.


With LLDP support today on the S3500, you don't have to dedicate a port for only VoIP, having the notion of a Voice VLAN which we support allows you to connect a VoIP phone to the port while still leveraging the data port on the back of the phone for a laptop for example. It's the standard mechanism, and gets you mostly there.


However to your point, being able to dynamically detect LLDP and the associated TLV will allow you to do a few more intelligent and dynamic things with voice VLAN being one example... stay tuned.

Status changed to: Implemented
Zach, We have added a new UDR condition to match on device-type "phone" which is looking at LLDP and CDP information and then setting a user-role that can have a voip-profile. This was added in AOS 7.2 Best regards, Madani