Open ArubaOs Bug Database to Registered Users

As far as listing the bugs is concerned, it was asked at the last Airheads conference that Aruba open their bug database to registered Aruba support users.  Ask your account team to help push that through.

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I think you should consult who you spoke to about that to see what progress was made.

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It was suggested, not by me, at the Product Feedback and Firing Line session.  I wouldn't have anyone to followup with on that.  Do you have any update on that, Colin?

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I was not party to that conversation, so I cannot comment on it.


I will say frankly that the bug databases that most software companies mantain is pretty much useless to end users, and release notes are the best way for end users to obtain information that is, useful.

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FYI - it was me that requested this at airheads, and I have been in communication with those at Aruba to make it happen. I haven't given up the fight, Mike, so my hope is will see it sometime acceptable "soon". Yes, Colin, from what i've heard, the Aruba bug Db is cryptic at best, and I would argue that's a problem in of itself. But I agree with Mike that parsing through release notes is NOT the best solution. Aside from them being verbose yet ambiguous, they don't come close to the number of bugs customers could run into.
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Aruba TAC team is working on a project to  share this information with our customers through our support portal. Obviously, our internal bug database information is company confidential and we cannot open up access to that directly. However, we are working towards a framework to share the list, status of customer escalated issues.  I will get you a firm ETA.


On a side note, we are also planning to open up the "customer feature request" portal to all of our customers and let  all customers rank vote on their most popuar feature requests. We should be able to unveil this in the new year. Please stay tuned.



(Aruba Product Mgmt Team).

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