Show run section?

Nice function would be for a show run but for just specific parts of the configuration?
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For example?

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Now I realise you have a begin after the pipe, however 


show run section interfaces

Section of interfaces


show run interface fastethernet 1/1

section of individual interface


show run section vlan

section of vlans only


show run section roles

section of role


A but similar in feel to the GUI - which is great, but I do struggle with the GUI in certain circumstances, and it has misbehaved more often than I would have liked


What would be even better would be to keep the last 10 configuration revisions (maybe just on the master controller only) and allow a config rollback (without reboot) - and a config diff as well.


I think he mean something like this...

In Alcatel Switches you got something like that... for example ill paste you an output of a labbing switch we got

Maybe he can confirm its something like this: just pay attention the show configuration snapshot is like show running config so for your undesrtanding repleace that with show running config :)


ALTER_6800-> show configuration snapshot ip interface
! IP :
ip service all
ip interface "UPLINK_FWF" address mask vlan 5 ifindex
ip interface "INTERNAL_NETWORK" address mask vlan 1 ifi
ndex 2
ip interface "CARLOS" address mask vlan 200 ifindex 3
ip interface "VOICE" address mask vlan 53 ifindex 4
ip interface "wirelesstest2" address mask vlan 100 if
index 5
! Interface :
interfaces 1/4 alias "LAbSwitch"
interfaces 1/45 alias "ALT-HYPERV-02"
interfaces 1/46 alias "LAB_ROB"

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No I don't. Ths command is available on Cisco switches and routers. I have already provided examples.
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